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67162 Elementary Graphical Communication
Danish title: Grundkursus i grafisk kommunikation

Type: Å, Language: DDD
Credit points: 5 point
Previous course: C9021
Offered by: Department of Planning (IFP)
No credit points with: C9021
Prerequisite: C0112/01012/C0113/01013/C0114/01014
Recommended semester: 4th semester
Limitation: Max. 90
Scope and form: Lectures and exercises
Examination: Approval of exercises. ( pass/fail )
Contact person: Flemming Vestergaard, IFP, Building 116, Tel. +45 4525 1658 Per Skafte Hansen (IMM/IFP), bygning 305, tlf 4525 3078
Aim: Introduction of the elements of graphical communication: Elementary descriptive geometry, 2D and 3D models, visualization of objects, data, processes and abstract ideas. Traditional drawing techniques as well as computer based modelling and visualization will be presented and their advantages and disadvantages discussed.
Contents: The classical projections and their elementary theory. Modelling and visualization using CAD (AutoCAD). Graphical presentation of data. Layout and DTP. Multimedia techniques and hyperlinked documents. During the course, participants will recieve instruction in oral presentation of their results.