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49135 Programming
Danish title: Programmering (Informatikfagpakken)

Type: Language: DDD
Credit points: 5 point
Previous course: C4305
Offered by: Department of Information Technology (IT)
No credit points with: 49161/C4305/C4313/49104/05
Prerequisite: 01016/C0116 (senest samtidig)
Recommended semester: 1st - 4th semester
Scope and form: Lectures, compulsery programming exercises.
Examination: Approval of compulsery exercises and written exam. ( pass/fail )
Contact person: Michael R. Hansen, IT, Building 343, Tel. +45 4525 3727
Aim: To give students an understanding of the concepts of functions and datatypes and their applications, so that they will be able to express programs as functions and types. Furthermore, it is the aim of the course to give the students practical skills in the use of functional programming languages for modelling and problem solving.
Contents: Definition and use of recursive data types. Functional programming languages and programming technique. Parameterisation and Polymorphism.