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49142 Algorithms and Data Structures
Danish title: Algoritmer og datastrukturer

Type: Å, Language: EED
Credit points: 5 point
Previous course: C4312
Offered by: Department of Information Technology (IT)
No credit points with: C4312
Prerequisite: 49136/37/C4306/49161/C4313 (senest samtidig)
Recommended semester: 1st - 4th semester
Scope and form: 2 lectures per week. 1-2 hours per week with problem solving. 3-4 mandatory assignments.
Examination: Written exam (13 point scale )
Contact person: Jørgen Staunstrup, IT, Building 343, Tel. +45 4525 3740
Aim: The participants should understand a number of fundamental concepts and techniques for construction and analysis of efficient algorithms, and be able to use these for construction of small programs.
Contents: Systematic description of input data using formal grammars. Systematic construction of parsers based on input grammars. Presentation of a number of fundamental algorithms and datastructures for sorting and searching problems.
Realization and practical use of the fundamental algorithms for solving small practical problems. Analysis of the efficiency of (imperative) algorithms.