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49156 Informatics Projects
Danish title: Informatikfagpakkeprojekt

Type: Language: DDD
Credit points: 10 point
Previous course: C8815/16
Offered by: Department of Information Technology (IT)
No credit points with: C8815/16
Prerequisite: 49142/C4312
Recommended semester: 1st - 4th semester
Scope and form: Lectures. Visiting lecturers. Group work. Oral presentation.
Examination: Evaluation of report and oral presentation (13 point scale )
Remarks: The course is offered only as part of "informatikfagpakken". The course extends over two semesters. The problems are set by teachers from several departments.
Contact person: Jens Thyge Kristensen, IT, Building 344, Tel. +45 4525 3711
Aim: To introduce participants to project oriented work forms, where previously learned techniques and theories are applied to the solution of a larger problem. To inform about the work situation for "informatics" engineers, to illustrate how computing is used in society, and to discuss implications of computerization.
Contents: Solving a problem selected from one of the fields covered during the first three terms of "Informatikfagpakken". Report writing. Project planning and presentation.