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49270 Concurrent Programming
Danish title: Parallelprogrammering

Type: Å, Language: EED
Credit points: 5 point
Previous course: C4334
Offered by: Department of Information Technology (IT)
No credit points with: C4334
Prerequisite: 49142/C4312
Recommended semester: 4th -7th semester
Scope and form: Lectures. Problem solving in groups. Programming exercises.
Examination: Written exam (13 point scale )
Contact person: Hans Henrik Løvengreen, IT, Building 343, Tel. +45 4525 3763
Aim: To give participants a conceptual and theoretical basis for application of concurrency and to enable them to construct smaller concurrent programs.
Contents: Why concurrency? Concepts: Process, synchronisation, communication, atomic actions, safety and liveness properties. Techniques for synchronisation/communication, including the semaphore, the monitor, synchronous and asynchronous message transmission and call meachnisms. Formalisms for specification/modelling of concurrent systems. Proof principles. Solution of classical problems. Resource allocation. Design principles for concurrent programs.