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01010 Advanced Calculus (Package version)
Danish title: Matematisk analyse 1 (fagpakkeversion)

Type: Language: DDD
Credit points: 5 point
Previous course: C0110
Offered by: Department of Mathematics (MAT)
No credit points with: 01000/C0100/01001/C0101/01002/C0102/01003/ C0103/01011/C0111/C0110
Prerequisite: C9815/C9821/C9823/C9831/C9833/C9841/C9843/C9851/ C9853/C9861/C9863/C9871/C9873
Recommended semester: 1st semester
Scope and form: 1 lecture module and 3 hours of problem solving in groups per week.
Examination: Approval of coursework and 2 hour written exam ( pass/fail )
Remarks: Students who wish to follow Advanced Calculus 1 a second time must enroll course 01011.
Contact person: Ole Jørsboe, MAT, Building 303, Tel. +45 4525 3059
Aim: To provide in conjunction with Advanced Calculus 2 and Advanced Calculus 3 a foundation for physical and technical applications as well as further studies within pure and applied mathematics.
Contents: First order differential equations, separation of variables. Elementary functions, including hyperbolic functions, inverse hyperbolic functions and inverse trigonometric functions. Partial fraction expansion, techniques of integration. Complex numbers, roots, complex exponential function. Taylor's formula and l'Hospital's rule, improper integrals. N'th order linear differential equations with constant coefficients. Use of MAPLE on the above subjects.