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01016 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Danish title: Grundlæggende matematik for dataloger , Inf.

Type: Å, Language: DDD
Credit points: 5 point
Previous course: C0116
Offered by: Department of Mathematics (MAT)
No credit points with: 01015/C0115/C0116
Prerequisite: C9861/C9863
Recommended semester: 1st semester
Limitation: Max. 60
Scope and form: 1 lecture module, and 3 hours of problem solving per week.
Examination: Approval of coursework and oral examination ( pass/fail )
Contact person: Ole Jørsboe, MAT, Building 303, Tel. +45 4525 3059
Aim: To teach some of the mathematical foundation necessary for modern theoretical computer science, as well as achieving a certain degree of mathematical maturity among the students. As a consequence, emphasis will be placed upon fundamental mathematical characteristics such as precision, generality and proofs.
Contents: Mathematical logic, proof techniques and program verification. Sets and functions. Natural numbers, induction and recursion. Relations, equivalence and order relations in particular. Algebra, quotient algebra, homomorphism and isomorphism. Formal language and finite state machines.