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49285 Advanced Algorithms
Danish title: Avancerede algoritmer

Type: Å, Language: E
Credit points: 7,5 point
Previous course: C4340
Offered by: Department of Information Technology (IT)
No credit points with: C4340
Prerequisite: 49142
Recommended semester: 4th -7th semester
Scope and form: Lectures and mandatory written assignments.
Examination: Approval of compulsory activities is a prerequisite for taking part in the exam. Written exam (13 point scale )
Contact person: Henrik Reif Andersen, IT, Building 344, Tel. +45 4525 3761
Aim: The aim of the course is to acquaint participants with a number of basic and advanced algorithms used in practical applications such as graphics, CAD tools, network software and verification tools.
Contents: The course covers a number of key datastructures and algorithms for
- handling graphs
- solving hard problems approximately
- dealing with compact representations of Boolean functions
Both the operation and the resource requirements of such algorithms will be considered. Concepts such as NP completeness will also be presented.
Participants are expected to perform a number of practical exercises to analyse the various algorithms, and there will also be opportunities to implement some of them.