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52281 Telecommunication systems - structure and applications
Danish title: Telekommunikationssystemer - struktur og anvendelser

Type: Å, Language: E
Credit points: 5 point
Offered by: Department of Telecommunication (TELE)
Prerequisite: 01142/04041.52251 (senest samtidig)
Desirable: 49372.52211
Recommended semester: 4th -7th semester
Limitation: Max. 24
Scope and form: Classroom teaching and exercises.
Examination: Evaluation of report(s) (13 point scale )
Remarks: The course is specially related to other courses at Center for Tele-information and the Department of Telecommunication. 52235: Data Networks gives an in-depth treatment of som topics raised in this course.
Contact person: Jørgen Nygaard, CTI, TELE, Building 371, Tel. +45 4525 5184, E-mail nygaard@cti.dtu.dk
Aim: This course is an introduction to the telecommunication area. The purpose of the course is to present different types of traditional and new telecommunication systems viewed as logical systems. The course is focusing on the relation between different systems, their differences, and their applications. The course will provide the student with a base of technical knowledge useful for other courses in telecommunication, technical as well as others.
Contents: NETWORK STRUCTURES: Functions in telecommunication systems. Network components (bridges, routers, hubs, switches). Protocols and protocol reference models (OSI and TCP/IP). SPECIFIC NETWORK TYPES: Carrier services (PDH, SDH, ATM). Mobile communication. Intelligent networks and new services. Local Area Networks and their protocols (Multiple access protocols, FDDI, Token Ring, Ethernet, DQDB). Newer developments in the LAN area (star topology cabling, Fast Ethernet, ATM for LANs).