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10013 Electricity and Magnetism
Danish title: Elektromagnetisme
Language: Danish Credit points: 5
Type: Open University
Language: Danish

Previous course: C1513
No credit points with: 48000/10007/10008
Prerequisite: 10010/10032.
Recommended semester: 1st - 4th semester
Scope and form: 2 lecture modules and 2 hour of problem solving per week
Examination: Written exam (13-scale)
Contact person: Preben Østergaard Sørensen, Building 309

Department: Department of Physics
Aim: To make the student familiar with the fundamental laws of electromagnetism and to enable the student to solve simple physical and technical problems.
Contents: Electric field and potential. Capacitance. Electric current. Magnetism. Electromagnetic induction. Alternating current. Magnetism in matter. Maxwell equations.