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49355 Knowledge-based Systems
Danish title: Videnbaserede systemer
Language: English Credit points: 5
Type: Ph.D.-level, Open University
Language: English

Previous course: C4355
No credit points with: C4355
Prerequisite: 49233/49232.49253
Recommended semester: 7th - 9th semester
Scope and form: Lectures. Problem sessions. One or two written assignments.
Examination: Evaluation of compulsory reports. (13-scale)
Contact person: Jørgen Fischer Nilsson, Building 322, Tel. +45 4525 3730, email jfn@imm.dtu.dk, http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~jfn

URL: http://www.it.dtu.dk/c49355
Department: Department of Information Technology
Aim: To provide insight into the logical theories that form the basis of knowledge representation in knowledge-based software systems.
Contents: Selected topics with relation to ongoing research, e.g. deductive data bases, meta logic programming, integration of object oriented and logic programming approaches.