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85231 Business Economics.
Danish title: Erhvervsøkonomi
Language: Danish Credit points: 5
Type: Open University
Language: Danish

Previous course: C8533
No credit points with: C8375/83175/C8533
Prerequisite: 85221
Recommended semester: 4th -7th semester
Examination: Written exam (13-scale)
Participant limitation: max. 75

Contact person: Anne Marie Bagge, Building 424, Tel. +45 4525 4600, email amb@ipl.dtu.dk, http://www.ipl.dtu.dk

Department: Department of Technology and Social Sciences
Aim: An understanding of the firm itself, its business and actions, and the very reason on the firm as an alternative mechanism to the way market allocates resources. Such an understanding is basis for longe rnage strategic decision-making concerning scale, integration and financial structure in the firm. Stake-holders access to information and the dispersion of information between stake-holders have an important meaning in this context.
Contents: (1) Firm versus market. Boundary of the firm (2) The organization of the firm. (3) Costs of production and costs of supporting activities as marketing, transportation, organization etc. (4) Managerial and Financial accounting.
(5) Investment and Finance. Management control. (6) Firm demand and market demand. (7) Competition, market structure and price formation in different kinds of markets. (8) The core of the firm. Strategic planning.