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52421 Data Compression
Danish title: Datakompression
Language: English Credit points: 5
Type: Open University
Language: English

Prerequisite: 01142/04041.52200/52201/04250/67482/67484
Recommended semester: 7th - 9th semester
Scope and form: Lectures and individual project (in groups of two)
Examination: Evaluation of report and oral presentation (13-scale)
Participant limitation: max. 20

Contact person: Søren Forchhammer, Building 371, Tel. +45 4525 3622, email sf@com.dtu.dk

URL: http://www.tele.dtu.dk/52421/
Department: Department of Telecommunication
Aim: To give the participants a good knowledge of the basic principles of data compression and methods for data compression. To enable the students to implement data compression algorithms.
Contents: Introductory lectures about the basic principles and methods for data compression and examples of data compression tasks.
Some examples are:
- Predictive coding of images
- Recent methods for fax coding
- Coding of data strings e.g. text
- Coding of images in the frequency domain (DCT and wavelets)
- Audio signals
- Moving pictures
Midway, the students choose projects within the areas presented and adjusted to their prerequisites.